How to Turbocharge Your Business

You can get a team to help you get more customers.

And the best part? They'll cost you less than a daily newspaper or a weekly trip to the cinema - so there's no risk and everything to gain. 


Many startups like yours never reach their potential. One reason is that big companies have an unfair advantage.

They have more people, more resources and more marketing clout. They make it difficult for startups and small businesses to compete. They drive up the cost of advertising and dominate traditional and social media. They have teams of people helping them - and you can't compete with that. Except - now you can! 


You can afford your own team.

Now you don’t have to work alone anymore - but what can these colleagues actually do for you? They can:

  • Promote your business on their websites 
  • Promote your messages on social media platforms
  • Help you improve your marketing message
  • Identify ways to save you money
  • Identify improvements to your product or service
  • Show you how to improve your website
  • Help you use social media to bring in more customers 
  • Find new ways to promote your business
  • Help you improve your sales messages
  • And much more…


Do I get anything else?

Yes, you’ll also get:

  • A listing on the SUSSx link site with an active link to your website
  • Links to the best free on-line tools to promote your business
  • A library of useful business articles and book reviews
  • Reviews of paid-for tools that could help your business
  • Inside information on what advertising works – and what doesn’t
  • And much more…


There must be a catch?

There is a catch - but it's not a big one.  In fact, it's really a bonus. Have a look at the FAQs to see what I mean. 


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What is SUSSx?

SUSSx stands for "Start-Up Support System" - it's exclusively for startups.

It's the brainchild of Pat Hough, a business consultant who has worked with start-ups, small companies and large multinationals for over 24 years.  SUSSx is a brand new system that merges years of business knowledge and experience with the latest technology. It was created to tackle the serious obstacles that start-up owners - just like you - face. There's even a built-in improvement system so the value to your business will increase with time. 


Your competition. 

Large companies have marketing departments with advertising and social media experts. In fact, they have experts on every area of business. Even when they're not competing directly with you, they're still pushing up the cost of advertising and dominating social media. You need experts on your side. 


Get active help. 

SUSSgives you the team and the resources to fight back. For example, how do you promote your sales message? Are you getting enough customers from your website and through social media?  Are you showing up in the right search engine results? You get ACTIVE help from your SUSSx colleagues to build your business. They'll actually promote it on their channels .


Get honest and dependable advice. 

The Internet is full of information but trawling through it can be a major headache. And when you find something it may not apply to your business  - or it may be misguided.  That's where the one-to-one support you get from SUSSx will help you. You'll get information that applies directly to your business and you'll be shown how to use it.  And your colleagues are prohibited from selling to you - so you'll get honest, unbiased advice.  


The next step for your business

There are hundreds of ways that your colleagues in SUSSx can help you promote and build your business.  If you're interested, go to the application page and sign up - there's no commitment. You're just asking to be considered for membership. Even if we say "yes" you can decide not to join. And you can also leave at any time after joining - so there's no long-term commitment. You can get to the application page by clicking below.


Go To The  FAQ  Page  Apply for Membership